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Vicky Randall Master of Fine Arts

Selected artist profile information for this contemporary American Sculptor
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Sculptor Vicky Randall Master of Fine Arts
Vicky Randall

About Vicky Randall

Vicky Randall, originally from Nashville, Tennessee and now a South Florida sculptor, has been creating work in fabricated metals, stainless steel, and bronze for over 25 years. She is well known for her monumental sculptures in stainless steel.
Sculptor Vicky Randall Master of Fine Arts
Dirty and in my studio!

Exhibition History of Vicky Randall

Vicky Randall`s Exhibitions
Selected Exhibitions
Participant in over 175 Invitational, Juried and One-Person Exhibitions, including:
WOW2, Fort Lucie, Florida 2008
Sarasota Season on Sculpture, Sarasota FL 2005
Faculty Exhibition. Ringling School of Art and Design, Sarasota FL 1996 - 2009
Group Show. Alyn Gallup Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sarasota FL 2002
The 1997 Florida Invitational. Sarasota Visual Art Center, Sarasota FL 1997
Off and On The Wall. Sculpture Invitational. Art League of Manatee County, Bradenton FL 1996
Downtown Connection: Through the Eye of the Artist. Sarasota Visual Art Center [first place] 1994
Exhibition by Artists of the Year. Sarasota Visual Art Center
Artist of the Year: Vicky Randall Solo Exhibition. Sarasota Visual Art Center 1993
Invitational Beth-El ?93. St. Petersburg FL
3 Prime + 1. 3-person show. Hodgell Gallery, Sarasota FL
Randall and Ging. 2-person show. Hodgell Gallery 1992
Invitational Beth-El ?92. St. Petersburg FL. [merit award]
Artist of the Year Invitational Exhibition. Sarasota Art Association, Sarasota FL
Sarasota Art Association Invitational. Sarasota Art Association [3rd place award] 1991
Invitational Beth-El ?91. St. Petersburg FL
Warm Art/Cold Steel. 2-person show. Hodgell Gallery 1990
Invitational Beth-El Art Festival ?90. St. Petersburg FL
Serious Whimsey. Invitational Exhibition. Hodgell Gallery
Invitational Exhibition. Cognizart Gallery, Osprey FL
Sculpture Exhibition. The Trotzig Gallery, Indian Rocks Beach FL
Che and Randall. 2-person show. Hodgell Gallery 1989
Florida Institute of Fine Art Faculty Exhibition. Florida Institute, Osprey FL
Invitational Group Show. Hodgell Gallery
Penland Faculty Exhibition. Penland School of Art and Design, Penland NC 1988
Trostberger Sculpture Park. Poech W Germany 1985
Invitational. 4-person show. Sandzen Gallery, Lindsborg KS 1984
Sudslahl. Mertigen W Germany 1983.

Photo for an article.

Biography / CV of Vicky Randall

Vicky Randall has participated in over 180 invitationals, juried and one-person exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally. She is well known for her monumental sculptures in stainless steel. Her sculptures have been described as "majestic, lyrical and assertive of the space they occupy" and as "having the presence of a stele" a marker, delineating not only a place or boundary but a state of being"

Vicky is a faculty member of the Ringling College of Art and Design. She holds a BFA from Middle Tennessee State University and an MFA from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Part of my Studio.

Artist Statement of Vicky Randall

Vicky Randall`s Statement
Artist Statement
Art is communication and my language is sculpture. I began my form making with figurative work and have progressed to biomorphic abstractions. Still, I am drawn to the linear gesture of the human figure as it hints at the secrets of form and reveals movement. My sculptures have sinuous linear vertical emphasis counter balanced by strong flat curvilinear planes and converge with the tension and energies of architectural mass.
As a sculptor I manipulate three-dimensional forms. All of my sculptures are titled ?Clockworks.? Clockworks are my attempt to understand and compile accounts about the nature of time. I use abstractions of steel and light to exemplify my own impression of time.
I approach sculpture as a quest. My artistic motivation is that of an inventor. Striving for simplicity, I demand harmony between the landscape and the cityscape with my forms. My work is place-specific as all the elements are considered when developing a concept. My sculptures have been described as ?having the presence of a stele ? an ancient maker, delineating not so much a place or boundary but a state of being.?.

Awards and Prizes of Vicky Randall

Vicky Randall`s Awards
I have won many prizes and awards but most of them have been locally.


Vicky randall`s symposiums
International Sculpture Symposium for many years.

Reviews of work by Vicky Randall

Vicky Randall`s reviews
Photo/Article. "Senses Art and Culture Magazine", 2007
Photo/Article. "Season of Sculpture." Southern Living Magazine. April 2006
Photo/Article. "Clockwork Another Passage." Sue Lorenz. The Herald Palladium, July 22, 2004
Article. "Sculptures show importance of location" Kevin Costello. Sarasota Herald Tribune July 17, 2005
Review. "Randall`s sculpture "Live This Day" enhances lives" by Kevin Costello. Sarasota Herald- Tribune. Nov 14, 2003
Photo. "Beautiful sky." Sarasota Herald Tribune Oct 5, 2003
Article. "Community in Action:" Goodwill Goes to the Islands Foundation`s fund-raiser. Sarasota Herald-Tribune March 19, 2003
Photo / Article. "Gardens and Watery Delights." Style Magazine of Sarasota Herald-Tribune June 2, 2002
Review. "Ringling Show Remarkable for Two Works" by Kevin Costello. Sarasota Herald-Tribune Oct 13, 2000
Feature Article. "Industrial Strength." Sarasota Magazine, Sarasota FL Nov 2002
Article. "Art, Business are Beneficial Combination." Sarasota Herald-Tribune Aug 25, 1999
Photo / Review. "Back to the Garden" by Joan Altabe. Sarasota Herald-Tribune March 22, 1996
Photo. "Artists of Steel." Sarasota Herald-Tribune March 25, March 26, 1996
Group Review. "Angry Show Displays Greatness" by Joan Altabe. Sarasota Herald-Tribune Oct 25, 1996
Article. "In the Public Domain" by Joan Altabe. Sarasota Herald-Tribune Sept 10, 1995
Feature Article. "Sarasota`s Most Wanted Visual Artists" Sarasota Arts Review Jan - Feb 1995
Photo / Article. "The Language of Sculpture: Vicky Randall Sculptor" RSAD Library Association Feb 1992
Cover. On Art and the Artist. West Coast Woman Aug 1992
Article. "A Place of their Own" by Iris Forrest. Sarasota Arts Review May - June 1991
Cover. Art Calendar Aug 1991
Feature. "Artspeak: Vicky Randall" Sarasota Arts Review Aug - Sept 1991
Article. "WCA Celebrates WRC" by Thyrza Jacocks. Pelican Press June 7, 1990
Article. "The Sculpture of Vicky Randall" by Kevin Costello. West Coast Woman July - Aug 1990
Article. "Vicky Randall`s Work Recognized" The Lindsborg News-Record, Aug 9, 1990
Group Review. "Artgest" by Kevin Dean and Kay Kipling. The Longboat Observer July 13, 1989
Photo. "A Showcase of the Arts." Sarasota Herald-Tribune Nov 18, 1989
Photo. Sculpture International 3.5 1983.

Public Works of Vicky Randall

Vicky randall`s Public Works
I have done 5 Public Art Pieces.

Qualifications / Education of Vicky Randall

Vicky Randall`s Education
MFA, Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, Illinois
BFA, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Teaching Experience

Vicky Randall`s Teaching
Began teaching in 1982 at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. Moved to Sarasota, Florida and began teaching at Ringling College of Art and Design in 1995.

Influences / Inspiration of Vicky Randall

Brancusi, Rodin, Manzu

My college professors! (even though we hate to admit it).

Price Range of Work

Vicky Randall's work has a price range from £7,500 to £67,219

Mediums utilised

Vicky Randall's work is found in the following materials:

Artwork Categorised

Vicky Randall's work is found in the following categories on site:
Stainless Steel Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture (2)
Architectural Sculptures (2)
Abstract Modern Contemporary Sculptures Statues statuettes figurines statuary (2)
Modern Abstract Contemporary Avant Garde Sculptures or Statues or statuettes or statuary (2)
Abstract Contemporary Modern Outdoor Outside Garden / Yard Sculptures Statues statuary (2)
Angular Abstract Modern Contemporary sculpture statuary
Garden Or Yard / Outside and Outdoor Sculptures
Abstract Contemporary or Modern Large Public Art sculpture Statues statuary
Spiral Twisted sculpture / statue / carving
Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture / statue / statuette / figurine
Monumental Contemporary Abstract Modern Sculptures
Commission and Custom and Bespoke sculpture Statues
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"It is not hard to understand modern art. If it hangs on a wall it's a painting, and if you can walk around it it's a sculpture."
Tom Stoppard
Customer comment on 'Standing female (nude Contemporary Wall statue/decoration/sculpture)' by William Ashley-Norman
This lovely sculpture has been arrived without any problem. Now it is sitting in my house. We will move it to our new place for public showcase when the whole decoration has finished.

I will keep you update with our project soon. Thanks for your big help, anyway. We are still evaluating the whole space to see if we need to purchase one or two Nikki Taylor`s sculptures as well.

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